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We’re strategic deal architects, working with businesses from SMEs to blue-chip mutinationals to identify and win UK public sector deals.

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75+ years of bid winning experience

When it comes to winning UK public sector contracts, you’re in safe hands:

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Why Choose Us?

Close & trusted relationships

Irrespective of the roles we are used for during a sales campaign, we always create a close and trusted working relationship with our clients.

Our reputation is built upon being up-front in our way of working, and we will always be honest with you about your chances of winning a bid.

360° perspectives

Given our own hard won experience and provenance, we are often asked to constructively review and critique a bid or deal from different perspectives. We can, and do, offer CEO, Sales Director and the Bid Director viewpoints.

This 'vantage point' perspective enables us to give honest and informed 360 degree feedback to you, thereby enabling superior bids to be submitted.

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Better Results

Our support improves your win rates above the norm for the public sector. We also give you early recommendations to avoid wasting your effort in chasing bids that you cannot win.

From years of delivering transformative results for our clients, we have built a hard-earned reputation for providing excellent and trusted advice.

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John Jones - Partner - Landseer Partners

John Jones


John has over 35 years’ experience in bidding for, and winning, large scale transformational deals, across both the public and private sector. With expertise and relationships across numerous sectors, including IT/BPO, Defence, Healthcare and Central Government, John is known as a ‘rainmaker’ for his ability to make deals happen. 

He coined the term ‘Strategic Deal Architects’ to reflect the fact that sales, and deals, need a high level of design inherent within them in order to be successful.

He founded Landseer Partners in early 2009, with the key objective of supporting clients to identify and win strategic deals. More recently, John has been involved in a number of large deals in the digital transformation space including undertaking sales due diligence exercises as part of private equity acquisitions.

Outside of work John has a number passions – taking an arcane interest in the UK/EU relationship both pre and post Brexit, successfully getting letters published in the Financial Times and regularly seeing his local football team, Arsenal, get beaten at the Emirates Stadium. 

Favourite quote: “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”

John Pendlebury-Green - Landseer Partners

John Pendlebury-Green


John has worked in management consultancy and public sector focused organisations since 1998 and before that he worked in Financial Services and with the Army.

His forte is developing winning solutions that align with the end client requirements and the need for effective relationship management before the traditional sales process. He assists clients in competitor intelligence in strategic approaches to bids and in managing/developing the bid processes and bid team.

John in his spare time now watches rather than plays rugby and football but he still runs in an attempt to stay relatively fit.


Andrew Clemison - Landseer Partners

Andrew Cleminson

Board Advisor

Andrew is used to leading, shaping and closing large, complex, new business deals incorporating consulting, business process and IT services. He has also built and managed his own businesses in property and holiday services and therefore knows what it takes to design, sell and implement new products from the ground up.

As a result of his efforts, Andrew has built an extensive business network which enables him to find and engage with companies across both the large corporate and SME sectors. He often finds it is through a combination of scale, new thinking and agility that bid teams unlock real differentiation and uniqueness in their value propositions.

Andrew is married with two children and lives in South West London. When not working he spends time with his family, goes to the gym and improves his photography. He is now studying for a Master of Fine Arts at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and is often out and about at weekends, with his camera, undertaking his latest projects.