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We provide strategic sales intelligence and expertise to help you with:

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Qualification & pipeline

Many problems that show up during the proposal phase are systemic, upstream issues related to the business development and capture process.

Our services will help you bid and win consistently.

We have a flexible package that gives you a winning edge by delivering up-to-date and relevant public sector intelligence to help you devise the correct win strategy.

We undertake market analysis to define the government organisations to target with your propositions, and who your competitors are.

We identify the opportunities and government contacts.

We also undertake detailed analysis if you want to deep-dive into a specific government organisation.

Our opportunity identification service allows us to identify forthcoming opportunities that fit your areas of expertise, past performance, and other requirements.

We find public sector bid opportunities before they come to tender. This ensures you don’t miss opportunities that are perfect for your pipeline.

We work with you to determine if the bid opportunity is truly a fit for your company, so you can invest money in capture and proposals with more certainty.

We validate opportunities and identify likely competitors and the incumbents to present quantitative and qualitative information to enable an informed bid/no decision.

Knowing early what procurements are coming to the market is now vital information to keep you ahead of the competition.

Bid preparedness / match fitness

It is said that fortune favours the prepared mind – it’s certainly true that the better prepared you are, the more likely that you will be successful in your bid. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, we help to optimise your bid preparation.

Landseer Partners can help you be better prepared for the bid (RFQ/ITT),
especially in relation to having an articulated win strategy and
appropriate resources who are able to be deployed on the bid.

Match fitness is what it says on the tin – bids are a bit like
marathons and proper training and induction is vital in order that all bid team members have the appropriate skills sets and
capabilities ahead of the bid (match) starting.

It’s important that your bid gets off to the best start possible.

Holding a bid kick-off can be an extremely useful event especially
for large distributed teams. Talk to us about organising such an event for your team and all partners.

Improving the quality of your preparation will play a major role in winning more strategic and transformational deals. We can help.

Bid preparedness - Landseer Partners

Client & buyer relationship management

There is no truer saying that ‘people buy from people’ – this is even more so in complex sales and procurement processes.

Creating the right image, displaying the right professional behaviours all help to create that vital ‘trust’ in a supplier / buyer relationship.

Landseer Partners can help you create the right behaviours and attitudes that are vital to developing and maintaining trusted buyer relationships.

It’s only when trust is established that buyers ‘open
up’ with their suppliers to share the day-to-day challenges and
issues that suppliers need to understand ahead of delivering their solutions and services.

During competitive procurements, it’s vital that suppliers continually add value to their buyers’ knowledge.

This helps build trust, but also demonstrates staying power when times get challenging and a bit fraught as they can in any relationship.

It’s important to remember who the buyer is, and what their needs really are. 

Landseer Partners often run role plays for supplier presentations – we act as the client advocate in order to offer constructive critical feedback at red reviews of dry-run presentations.

Reach out to us if you’d like to gain a better understanding of current and future buyers in the public sector, and how to develop long-lasting and productive relationships with them.

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