Case Study

Sales strategy to maximise revenue for a single client, single service business


A multi-billion pound single service company (not disclosed)


Sales Strategy & Bid Support


Central Government

Sales Strategy Case Study Landseer Partners

The Context

  • Our client’s main revenue was through a multi-year, multi-billion pound service with a Government department that was being let as a new contract in a number of lots.
  • Client needed a strategy to maximise its current contract revenue, respond appropriately to the new contract opportunity and understand the value of the information it was supplying to inform the bidders for the new contract.

Our Role

We supported the client at Board level and bid level throughout the bid process:

  • Provided the Bid Director and embedded bid support to each workstream.
  • Wargamed strategic options to maximise the future value of the existing service and determine the bidding and partnering strategy for the new contracts.
  • Red teamed how competitors would use the information being provided to the client.
  • Our client then achieved its strategic aim.

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The Outcome

Our client achieved its strategic aim, and successfully extended the current contract for a number of years.

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