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Successful £500m bid preparation


A multi-billion £ logistics provider


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Wider public sector

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The Context

Our client provided a number of high profile services across the UK for a Government organisation. These services were a significant revenue stream in their own right and a key contributor to the business and financial model for the total service mix provided by our client.

  • Politically, presentationally and financially it was a “must win” procurement.
  • The client needed to ensure it developed the right bid strategy, the bid team was sufficiently prepared (and upskilled) and the procurement process managed to best effect.

Our Role

We wargamed the options of the procuring organisation (i.e. the buyer), the political sensitivities of the options and how the competition was likely to act (most likely and worst case options).

  • Ran workshops and role played bidder-procurer meetings to prepare bid teams.
  • Coached key members of the bid team on the competitive negotiation process.
  • Established a robust process for feedback on meetings, capturing and acting on meeting outputs.
  • Provided advice and support during negotiation process on an ad-hoc basis.

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The Outcome

Our client was awarded a 7 year contract worth £500m for the services which assured the continued viability of its operating model. During the bid process we helped create a high performing bid team that gained significant negotiating skills as part of the experience.

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