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New market entry

Making an entry into a new market is always challenging – we help you overcome the barriers to entry of any new market by defining and communicating cost effective propositions and new services to potential public sector buyers.

We use our extensive knowledge of the public sector to market test or develop your value proposition (service) to meet the public sector market in order to communicate its value and benefits. 

We also assist you to overcome real and perceived barriers to entry by clearly identifying how to meet quality, security standards and the lingua franca that are inherent within any new market sector.

As ‘jungle guides ‘ (as we are known) we quickly and effectively identify optimal routes to market for your product or services. With our network and relationships we can quickly put you in touch with partners who could benefit from knowing you.

This is a super fast way of gaining traction in the public sector market and and gaining credentials and experience.

We work with you to both create and raise your profile – this can be done via breakfast briefings, webinars, running round tables and developing white papers.

All the above help to articulate and promote what what you do in the marketplace and why the end client should talk to you.

Strategic account planning

Having decided to enter into a new market, it’s important to undertake some key research in order to identify which market segments you can effectively address. 

This needs to be undertaken along with proposition alignment and the identification of efficient and cost effective Channels and Routes to market.

Landseer Partners can help you identify and validate which parts of the market you can reasonably address – this will be based on credibility, capacity including existing relationships held within the market.

The needs of the public sector are vast and increasingly fast moving – you need to ensure that the proposition and services you propose meet appropriate government standards and align with public sector procedures, especially security and cyber.

Landseer Partners can guide you in this process to ensure compliance and understanding of the challenges and barriers to entry into the public sector market.

Often a supplier needs to showcase its proposition in order to get
noticed in the market place – through appropriate marketing and / or round table events, we can help you to stand out as a thought leader in your chosen sector or market.

Strategic account planning is the foundation of a good sales plan – it identifies the market segmentation, helps align the proposition to the new market and enables the right resources to be deployed in order to effect the strategy and implementation of the plan.

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Due diligence & investment opportunities

We support venture capitalists and private equity investing in businesses working in the public sector and SMEs seeking investment:

We matchmake investment opportunities and companies seeking investment. We screen and then facilitate introductions for SMEs to investors. We assist investors by identifying investment opportunities.

We undertake sales due diligence using desk-based research and field work to provide recommendations as part of an investment or acquisition strategy. Typically we report on:

  • Contracts & Framework Agreements: Does the target company have access to relevant contract and framework agreements or are there any additional opportunities they should be applying to?
  • Prioritisation: Are they targeting the right Government departments to achieve growth or are they missing out on significant opportunities?
  • Methodology: Are they efficient in their approach to pipeline and bid submissions or are there specific improvements that can be made?
  • Success & Meeting Targets: Is the company under consideration likely to meet its existing forecasted sales targets, or are there gaps in their portfolio that need to be identified (and plugged)? Similarly, are there mitigating actions that can be taken such as modifying the sales targets to reflect underlying market conditions?
  • Management Capability: Is the existing management team capable of delivering the required sales growth to meet the targets set by the potential acquirer? If not, what steps need to be undertaken to meet proposed targets? 

This service is fully bespoke to the customers’ requirements.

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